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One Step Checkout Pro

for Magento 1


Simplifying Usage and Features for your customers purchases

Community Magento CE 1.x.x
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One Step Checkout Pro
Community Magento CE 1.x.x

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* To maximize profits for your customers complete the purchase:

+ Reduce checkout steps from six to one

+ Just a single step to complete checkout
+ Provide a better for customers experience
+ Easy for the customer with registration

+ Configurable in your Magento admin panel

+ Set a default shipping and payment method
+ Auto update totals (AJAX technical)
+ Disable unnecessary fields like Company, Fax, etc

+ Allow enable the feature newsletter subscription

* Magento Editions Compatibility:

  • Community: - 1.9.3
  • Enterprise: - 1.14.3
Community Magento CE 1.x.x
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