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Ajax Cart

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Ajaxcart support add product easy on your online store
Community Magento CE 1.x.x
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Ajax Cart
Community Magento CE 1.x.x

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* Features:

The extensions has been worked to perfection, in and out.

Custom themes friendly

You can customize extension easily

The extension is designed to rely on Magento's native capabilities to maximum extent, ensuring that the module plays nicely with any other component of your Magento.

Supports all the native product types

Works with standard shopping cart

Works on Product, Category and Wishlist pages

Works on custom pages where the standard Cart controller is called

Updates all the native Cart instances (sidebar cart, top cart)

No conflicts with external plugins

- You can view more demo on magento 1.9.x in here:

* Magento Editions Compatibility:

  • Community: - 1.9.3
  • Enterprise: - 1.14.3
Community Magento CE 1.x.x
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